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Three Reasons To Buy A Double-Cutaway Electric Guitar

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When you visit a music store to shop for a new electric guitar, you can expect to see all sorts of instrument makes and models. One design detail that can vary from instrument to instrument is the cutaway. In guitar terminology, a cutaway is the indented area of the instrument’s body. Its purpose is to allow you to have easier access to the higher frets. Some electric guitars have one cutaway, while others have two. Read More»

One Simple Way To Take Care Of Your Piano

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An instrumental song played on the piano can be one of the most beautiful sounds on Earth. Society as a whole has enjoyed the sweet, rich sound that a piano can make for hundreds and hundreds of years. Thousands of people gather across the country to watch talented musicians share their musical gifts. Although the notes played by a piano can be ethereal, almost heavenly, it is crucial that the piano is properly in tune. Read More»