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Avoid Significant Mistakes When Hiring A Wedding DJ

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Planning a wedding can be exciting and overwhelming, especially when selecting a wedding DJ. Choosing the right DJ is crucial in creating an unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests. However, there are common mistakes that couples should avoid when selecting a wedding DJ.

Mistake: Not Understanding The Costs Of A Wedding DJ

When selecting a wedding DJ, it is important to understand all the costs associated with their services. These costs include the service and travel fees. It is also essential to ask if there are additional fees for using their sound and lighting equipment. Couples should make sure they understand these fees to effectively include the DJ in the wedding budget. It is important to confirm whether these fees are part of the contract or if they get added later.

Couples may try to negotiate discounts on a DJ's services by asking for a lower fee. However, this is not recommended because most DJs have already considered discounts in their pricing. It is crucial to read the DJ contract carefully and address any questions or concerns in advance.

Mistake: Not Checking To Ensure The DJ Is Appropriate For The Crowd

It is important to ensure that the songs played by the wedding DJ are appropriate for all young and old attendees. Couples should listen to the DJ's music beforehand to ensure that the selection of songs suits the theme and crowd they are expecting. In addition, couples should ask if the DJ is comfortable making periodic announcements during the wedding. This could involve announcing when the cake will be cut or introducing the bridal party.

Mistake: Not Asking For References

When selecting a wedding DJ, it is important to ask for references from past weddings or to review previous recordings of their work. Couples should seek reviews from both the wedding venue and other couples who have previously worked with the DJ. This is the best way to determine the overall quality of their work. Couples should also ask the DJ to provide a sample of their best performance to get an idea of the kind of music and services they can expect. Additionally, if couples plan on having karaoke at their wedding, they should ask the DJ for a list of sample karaoke songs they can play.

Mistake: Not Meeting In Person

Meeting with the potential wedding DJ in person is crucial in establishing a rapport and getting to know the kind of services they offer. This is also the perfect time to ensure the DJ is familiar with the type of music the couple wants. This meeting lets the couple ask questions about the DJ's services and equipment, the wedding timeline, and more. 

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