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3 Things Not to Forget During Your First Recording Studio Visit

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If you love music, you might be excited to get into the studio, record some tracks, and start selling your music to industry professionals and fans alike. However, those first few sessions in the studio can be stressful if it's the first time you'll play music in front of other people. Here are three things to remember when you head to the music studio for the first time. 

1. Bring Extra Instruments

You never know when your favorite guitar or amp will stop working suddenly, and when you have paid for recording time, it can be really tricky to go back to your house to get whatever you need. Make sure that you bring along plenty of extra instruments and supplies like extra strings and reeds. If you are planning on using the studio's equipment, call ahead of time to make sure they have what you need and it's all in good working order. 

2. Prep Your Song Lyrics 

When you are stressed about playing a song perfectly, it can be easy to forget the lyrics. Instead of relying on your strong memory, bring along your song lyrics book, so you can refer to your previous writing. Consider rewriting the lyrics in a large, black font so that you can read them easily when you are doing other things. That way, you can prop the lyrics up when you play your guitar or use that new microphone, and easily see what you need to sing next. 

3. Bring Creature Comforts

Carefully consider what would help you to feel comfortable during a stressful time, and bring it along to the studio. Whether you have a jacket or hoodie that you love to wear when you are having a rough day or pictures of all of the people who have supported your musical journey, bringing them along is never a bad idea. 

If possible, visit the recording studio beforehand to see how much space is available and check with the owners to see if they are okay with you bringing different items into the room. It may not be possible to bring things that make extra noise or create audio feedback. 

By having everything you need when you hit the recording studio for the first time, you can be sure that the process is just as relaxing, enjoyable, and cathartic as you have always imagined. Contact local music recording studios to learn more.