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Music Radio Streaming Channels For Concentration

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To allow a razor-sharp focus on your work or study activity, you'll need a music radio channel that can fade into the background but not bore you. This can be a fine line to tread, and what works best for one person may not work best for the next. So be sure to try several different things, and don't try to force yourself to listen to a specific type of music.

However, make sure you don't just choose instrumental or karaoke versions of your favorite songs. Anything that will encourage you to sing along or even something that triggers the lyrics to play in your head can distract the verbal processing part of your brain from its primary task. 

Here are five types of music radio streaming channels to try for concentration.

1. Nature-Like Music

Nature-like music can be gentle spa music that has nature sounds added in (such as ocean sounds), or it can be music played by an instrument designed to sound like nature. For instance, some native flutes can sound very similar to wind or birdsong, and rainsticks sound very similar to rushing water.

However, you have to be careful here not to edge over into something too relaxing. Nature sounds such as rain or ocean waves may help act as white noise and block out other sounds, which can help you focus. But if you're listening to only nature sounds, you may feel less focused and simply more relaxed.

So try to find a music radio channel that combines nature sounds with music (this can be a form of biomusic) or that uses nature-like instruments rather than nature sounds. This way, you can combine the calming effects of nature sounds with the focusing and enlivening effects of music.

2. Smooth or Up-Tempo Jazz Music

Smooth jazz, like you might hear in a restaurant or cafe, can provide an atmosphere of restful concentration. The mellow sounds of the instruments used, such as saxophones and pianos, help with the feeling of calm.

If you're really feeling sleep deprived and need something a little more jazzy, as it were, to keep you awake, try an up-tempo jazz channel so you can feel the beat as you work. Up-tempo jazz tends to use a quicker tempo and a stronger beat to help you really feel motivated to get moving and stay productive.

3. Celtic or Folk Music

Celtic music, or music from other folk traditions, can provide a wide range of moods, styles, and instrumentation. Just steer clear of anything with lyrics, since that could distract your brain. Celtic music can be anything from a long, slow, sad ballad to an impossibly fast jig. So be sure to decide what type of Celtic you're looking for before you start trying Celtic radio channels.

Celtic music instrumentation may include harps, flutes, pennywhistles, fiddles, and a variety of other instruments, and you can choose between slower and faster beats as well. Similar variation exists in other types of folk traditions.

4. Ambient Music

Ambient music is related to new age music, with a similar digital sound to it, but it tends to have a different philosophy and sound behind it. Today's ambient genre tends to feature digital sounds constructed into entire soundscapes. A music radio streaming channel with ambient music can provide distraction-free music to help you focus on your work.

While ambient music isn't everyone's cup of tea, it's definitely worth trying out, especially if some previous suggestions are too busy-sounding (jazz, for instance, may have several different instruments playing at once) or too melody-based to let you focus completely on your studying.

As you can see, the music radio streaming channels available to help you concentrate can run the gamut from ancient harp music all the way up to highly modern digital creations and everything in between.