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Tips For Adjusting Your Accordion Straps

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If you've recently bought an accordion and have signed up for lessons, the instruction that you get each week can help you to become a competent player. Of course, you'll need to practice extensively in your spare time, learning the homework that your teacher has assigned you so that you can impress him or her during your next lesson. In order to practice your accordion, you need to take a correct approach to using the straps that hold it to your body. Using the straps ineffectively may make this instrument difficult to play, which could impede your enjoyment. Here are some tips for adjusting your accordion straps properly.


Some new accordion players can make the error of setting their straps too loosely, which may initially feel comfortable but can actually complicate your ability to successfully play your instrument. If your straps are too loose, the accordion will move around on your upper torso. You want it to be stable, as this means that you won't be putting effort into holding the accordion in place while you play it. The best way to keep it stable is to have the straps on the tighter side.

Arm Height

When you watch different accordion players play, you'll notice that some have the instrument positioned high on their chest, while others have it a little farther down their torso. There's no universally right position for everyone — it's all about what you find to be comfortable. Try adjusting the straps so that the accordion is at different heights. You may find that if the accordion is too high, your arms and shoulders get tired from holding your arms high. Conversely, a low accordion may be a little challenging to reach. Generally, there's a sweet spot between the two positions, and it's up to you to find what works for you.

Instrument Angle

You don't have to adjust your accordion straps so that the instrument is positioned perfectly horizontal on your body. Again, this is largely a matter of personal preference, but some players prefer to have one strap longer than the other so that the accordion is positioned slightly at an angle. You may find that it's easier to play if one of your arms is higher than the other. Don't shy away from speaking to your accordion teacher for additional tips on adjusting your straps, as well as learning how he or she prefers positioning the instrument.

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