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How To Protect Your Vintage Guitar Collection

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If you own a vintage guitar collection, you want to keep your investment in great condition for as long as possible. After all, you spent a lot of time and money in acquiring your collection by perusing music and instrument stores, shopping online, going to estate sales, and even bargaining with other guitar collectors to get your hands on a wider collection.

You're proud of your vintage guitar collection, and whether you play your instruments or not, you want to protect these fragile and beautiful instruments for as long as you can. This way, you're able to enjoy your collection longer and use your money to collect even more vintage guitars and other musical accessories. Here are ways you can protect your vintage guitar collection from advanced wear and tear.

Have your instruments serviced

When your vintage guitars need new strings, need to be shined and tuned, or have other signs of wear, you shouldn't try to repair them on your own. You should take your guitars into a music shop where the wood can be shined and oiled, strings can be replaced and tuned, and cracks in the necks or other parts of your guitars can be repaired or replaced. You should only go to a musical instrument store that has a specialist who works on guitars so you can get the work done that is needed.

Keep your instruments enclosed

You want to have your guitars stored in an enclosed place so they can be seen but not touched by those who should not be playing them. You can place your guitars in a glass enclosure, or you can put them inside guitar cases so they can be admired on occasion but kept safe and sound away from direct sunlight, dust, and other debris. You want your guitars to stay in fine condition, so protecting them against the elements and temperature changes — if your guitars are in storage, make sure the room is climate controlled — is key to keeping them healthy and safe.

Enjoy your collection

Perhaps the best way to take care of your personal vintage guitar collection is to actually enjoy playing and admiring your guitars. When you take the time to actually care for your collection, you take more pride in your guitars overall. This allows you to be able to put the time and effort into keeping your personal vintage guitar collection in its best condition.