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Why It's Important To Expose Yourself To Other Musical Genres

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One of the primary reasons that you likely are learning how to play the guitar is that you want to play along with the songs that you like. Regardless of your preferred musical genre, it's satisfying to play a song and strum or pick along with it on your guitar. Many players get into the habit of solely focusing on their preferred musical genres, but this can get you into a rut. When you enroll in guitar lessons, it's invaluable to eagerly expose yourself to other types of music — make sure to request this of your teacher. Here are some reasons that this is a worthwhile endeavor.

Different Genre, Different Techniques

Although there are certainly some similarities in playing guitar in any musical genre, certain approaches are more prevalent in certain genres. If you focus only on one genre, you're limiting your ability to get exposed to different techniques that you may eventually be able to master. For example, if you love punk rock, playing power chords up and down the neck will allow you to play your favorite songs — but you may lack the ability to play other techniques. Learning some country techniques, for example, gives you the chance to learn quick picking.

Easier To Play With Others

A rewarding part of learning how to play the guitar is getting the chance to play with others. For example, if your neighbors are having a party and a few guitars come out, you might want to play along. There's no telling what genre of music your neighbors and their guests will favor, but you may have trouble playing along if you've limited yourself to one type of music. Experiencing several types, even if they're not your absolute favorite, expands your ability to play with others in a variety of settings.

Potential For Change

Plenty of well-known artists have changed their musical genres partway through their careers, and you may have the same opportunity. Even if you don't have a "career" as a guitarist, listening to different music from a guitarist's perspective may compel you to start listening — and then playing — different styles of music. You may find that a different genre just clicks for you, and then suddenly realize that you're enjoying playing your instrument a lot more than before. Your guitar teacher can talk to you about different musical genres from a guitar player's perspective, as well as recommend specific artists and songs for you to check out.

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