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Royalty-Free Music The Honest Way: Three Approaches You Can Use

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If you love Hip Hop music, or any kind of music for that matter, you probably have several tunes on your smartphone or MP3 player. Some people may not acquire their music in a way that honors the artists that made it, which is sad. If you would prefer to enjoy free music but without the royalty fees, there are ways to acquire it honestly. Here are three approaches you can use to get Hip Hop royalty-free music online, as well as any other kind of music, and put it on your device.

Music Sharing Sites

There are some musician-approved music sharing sites you can use. These sites are filled with songs that other people have purchased and uploaded to the site to share with other music lovers. Because the songs have already been paid for by someone else, most musicians approve of these sites because they have received payment at least once from the sale of the songs. It also works as free advertising to sell complete albums because music lovers may discover a musician or band they really like and end up purchasing an entire digital album.

Near-Field WiFi to Share Music

Smartphones that have the capacity to share music, photos, emails, and personal contacts can help you enjoy more of the Hip Hop music you love too. If you meet someone else who has a phone with near-field technology, all you two have to do is open your music libraries, tap on the songs you want to share, and then tap the phones together. The music files are instantly transferred. The only time this does not work is when an artist has strictly forbidden the transfer of music files, but this is very rare.

Digitizing CDs to Music Files

Lastly, if you want more Hip Hop music royalty-free, go in search of cheap used CDs. Then digitize the music, upload it to your online music library, and then download it into your device. Digitizing music you already paid for and then loading it onto your phone, tablet, or MP3 player is one of the best ways to show how much you love the music and you respect the artists who created it. Since this option, as well as the other options above, all make use of online sources to get more Hip Hop music (and other genres of music), they all fall under the category of royalty-free online music.