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What To Do When You Don't Have Someone To Lay Down Your Beats For You

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The biggest part of good rap music is having someone who can lay down your beats for you. No beats means you are free-styling it, and it never sounds quite as good as it does with beats. That said, if you find that your "beats man" has tossed in the towel on the music scene, here is how to get your beats back.

Look for Rap Instrumental Beats for Sale

Talent that has not yet broken into the rap scene often records their instrumental beats and then sends out samples for sale. When you listen to a free sample and like what you hear, you can buy pre-recorded beats that are fully loaded onto discs or MP3s through places like Mad Fire Entertainment. The kick is, you have to make sure you credit the beats artist in your credits on your album. If you are willing to do that, you can use the beats as your backup and background music for your lyrics.

Go Streetside

In major city areas, you will find wannabe street rappers on every block and nearly every corner. Take a walk with a friend down these streets and listen to the beats person in each group. If you like what you hear, give the beats person a chance to come into the studio with you to see what they can do for your music. Most of these beats persons jump at the chance to audition and take their music and talent to the next level.

Visit Nightclubs

Nightclubs where rap is king and the dancing is hot is where you need to look for a beats person. Some of these clubs will even host an open mic night, or a DJ beats night to see who can really "throw down." You are sure to find someone to fit your style of rap and who is wiling to work with you on a more professional level.


Nothing like good, old school advertising to get people in to present their beats talent. Flyers on the local telephone poles in key areas of the city, on message boards about town, and even on laundromat announcement boards is the way to go. Hand these out and somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody else will send you what you are looking for. All you have to do is advertise date, time and place and what you want in a beats person.