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Reasons That Having Your Music Placed In A Video Game Can Be Desirable

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If you’re a musician who is seeking to spread his or her work to a broader audience, one of the best ways of doing so is to partner with a music placement service. Many musicians in your situation hope to use this partnership to get their music placed in TV shows or even in movies, but there are other options for you to consider. There are several music placement services that specialize in placing their clients’ music in video games, and while you might not immediately have thought about this possibility, it’s one that can grow on you as you think about it more. Read More»

Why It's Important To Expose Yourself To Other Musical Genres

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One of the primary reasons that you likely are learning how to play the guitar is that you want to play along with the songs that you like. Regardless of your preferred musical genre, it’s satisfying to play a song and strum or pick along with it on your guitar. Many players get into the habit of solely focusing on their preferred musical genres, but this can get you into a rut. Read More»

Tuning A Piano To Obtain Perfect Pitch Across The Keyboard

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It only takes a single out-of-tune note to detract from an otherwise perfect piano performance. A dissonant tone caused by a piano is the first indication that the instrument is in need of tuning. Individuals who own a grand piano or an upright piano can ensure that their instrument is ready for play by having it professionally tuned. Many piano tuners have several years of experience with pianos. For that reason, they can appreciate each piano for its own unique traits. Read More»

Are You Planning A Fourth Of July Celebration For Your Neighborhood?

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Are you the manager of a Home Owner’s Association? Perhaps you are simply on a committee that plans special events for your neighborhood, or you’re the head of that committee. Whatever the case, if you are in charge of planning a Fourth of July Celebration for your neighborhood, from ordering food to arranging for a marching band to perform, here are some ideas that might help you an enjoyable and memorable event: Read More»

Tips For Setting Up Your Corporate Event

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To take advantage of your corporate event, you’ll need to be sure that you have all your ducks in a row. Since you need for this event to go through to your liking, it’s important that you figure out how to manage the budget, book entertainment and more. When this is what you’re interested in, consider the following points and get in touch with some pros that can help you out. Read More»

How Music Can Make Your Wedding Reception A Successful Celebration

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Music plays an important role at weddings. It signifies the arrival of the bride and groom and provide entertainment for your guests. Your reception timeline even revolves around music. Planning a wedding is a huge responsibility for the couple. However, music for the reception is one-part of the planning you do not want to mess up. A good wedding reception band can be the difference between a fun wedding and an unforgettable one. Read More»

Royalty-Free Music The Honest Way: Three Approaches You Can Use

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If you love Hip Hop music, or any kind of music for that matter, you probably have several tunes on your smartphone or MP3 player. Some people may not acquire their music in a way that honors the artists that made it, which is sad. If you would prefer to enjoy free music but without the royalty fees, there are ways to acquire it honestly. Here are three approaches you can use to get Hip Hop royalty-free music online, as well as any other kind of music, and put it on your device. Read More»

What Can You Do To Motivate Your Child To Practice His Or Her Music Instrument?

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Although your child might be excited to start taking music lessons, some of that excitement can wane as he or she realizes that practice is necessary. As the parent, you have to find a way to encourage your child to practice without pushing him or her towards burnout. To help you accomplish this, here are a few ways you can motivate your child to practice.   Turn to the Internet When your child is learning to play an instrument, he or she will spend a lot of time working on the fundamentals in the beginning. Read More»

Six Fun Facts You Probably Never Knew About Pianos And Piano Tuning

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Whether you own a piano or simply appreciate fine piano music, you may not know much about the piano’s history or about the piano tuning profession–a vital role in piano performance. Here are six fun facts that you can use to impress your musical friends. 1. Pianos are a fairly recent invention. If you own a piano, you likely take it for granted that the instrument has been around forever; after all, those Classical and Romantic compositions for piano go centuries back, right? Read More»